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Accredited and non-accredited educational programs

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education", higher education institutions have the right to offer applicants accredited and non-accredited educational programs since September 2014. After successful completion of accredited educational program the graduate is issued a document of state sample format.

After successful completion of non-accredited educational program the graduate is issued their own sample document (approved by the Academic Council of the university).


A list of accredited and non-accredited educational programs, on which the admission to each university is fulfilled, to be specified in the Rules of admission to higher education in this institution. The educational programs accreditation is certified by accreditation certificates of relevant specialties and fields of study.

Forms and rules of making higher education documents of state-standard format is approved by the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 31, 2015 № 193 "On Higher Education (academic degrees) of national standard format" and the order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 12.05.2015 № 525 "On approval of forms of documents on higher education (scientific degree)of state standard and amendments thereto, transcript of records sample".

The list of information was approved by these regulations that should be indicated in the diplomas of higher education and their supplements, university produces forms of documents of their own. Therefore, the appearance (design, placement of information, typography, paper settings, etc.) of state diploma of one university will differ from diploma of another university.

Implementation of academic and professional rights of a holder, who receives the document on higher education of non-state-standard sample at the end of training on non-accredited specialty and attestation, is defined by institution of higher education, which is provided the training on the next level of higher education, or by the employer.

Documents on higher education of state-standard sample

Ukrainian higher education system provides these types of higher education documents and scientific degree

Junior bachelor diploma

Bachelor diploma 

Master diploma 

PhD Diploma

 Doctor of Sciences diploma 

It is established the specific information list, which is mandatory in the preparation of documents on higher education of state standard format. Its content is the following:

Double diplomas

In the case of higher education at the same time on two specialties or specializations, the educational institution has the right to issue double diplomas, a model of which is approved by a university.

Joint degrees

In the case of students in higher education agreed between higher education institutions, including foreign, educational programs of higher education institutions have the right to issue a joint diploma, a model of which is defined by a common decision of the academic councils of higher education institutions.

How to distinguish a state sample diploma from non-state sample diploma

 The state symbols usage on the documents of not state-standard format of higher education

is forbidden!


The Diploma Supplement of European sample

Since 2014/2015 academic year, an integral part of higher education diplomas, namely: bachelor, specialist, master and PhD, is a supplement to the diploma of the European sample. In Ukraine, this form of Diploma Supplement began to was launched experimentally since 2010, and the Diploma Supplement of the European sample was issued in parallel with the Diploma supplement of Ukrainian state standard format.

 It contains information about obtaining a graduate education, including a list of all passed disciplines of learning outcomes in the form of assessments and the number of ECTS credits, as well as information on national higher education system of Ukraine.

The Diploma Supplement of Junior Bachelor is made differently; however, it also contains the information about the results of training, the list of passed subjects, obtained grades and the amount of ECTS credits.

The information contained in diplomas and their supplements of the European standard format (except junior bachelor diploma with its supplement), served in two languages - Ukrainian and English, but on all the documents there is a note: «У разі наявності в дипломі будь-яких невідповідностей, превалюючим є текст українською мовою /In case of being in the diploma of any divergences, text prevails by Ukrainian».

Diplomas of scientific degrees

In PhD and Doctor of Science Diplomas the following information is contained:

Documents on the academic degree award issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.